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Amada LC ALPHA 1212 II

Rozmiar: 67148 bajtów
Type: Amada LC ALPHA 1212 II

Year of manufacture: 1997
Working area (X x Y axis): 1270 x 1270 mm
Cutting head max. height (Z axis): 300 mm
Positioning speed (X i Y axis): 24 m/min
Controller: Fanuc 16-L
Output power: 2000 W

Sheet thickness:
Material kindMax. thickness
mild steel12 mm
aluminium6 mm
stainless steel5 mm

Compressed air consumption: 5 m3/h
Max. power consumption: 63 kVA
Machine weight: 4700 kg

Dimesions required for machine location:
length-3105 mm
width-2576 mm
height-2275 mm

Additional equipment: equipment for high pressure nitrogen cutting, cutting head with 5" lens, instruction manual

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