Mathias Maschinenhandel & Laserservice
Brunhildweg 33, D-42653 SOLINGEN
Tel.: 00 49 212 2 21 93 61
e-mail: mathiasmachines@t-online.de
About the company

The company Mathias Maschinenhandel & Laserservice established in Solingen, Germany by Christoph Mathias is one of the greatest exporters of new and second-hand machines.

Our company sells new and second-hand machines for metal sheet processing.

We are looking for all the machines in the European market. In our search we consider power, largeness and usefulness for a specific customer's production.

In all European regions we have satisfied customers, who have bought the machines from us and use our machine maintenance service. Our service includes: machine repairs, spare parts delivery and selling of tools.

In our offer we have the following machines:

  • CNC Punch Presses,
  • CNC Laser Cutting Machines,
  • CNC Water Cutting Machines,
  • Guillotine Shears,
  • Press Brakes,
  • Folding Machines,
  • Plasma Cutting Machines,
  • Notchers,
  • Grating machines,
  • Shears' Knives,
  • Punches and Dies for Punch Presses and Press Brakes of all manufacturers,
  • Mirrors and lenses for lasers,
  • CAD software for the machines above.

Our service with many years of experience is fast and efficient. Most of the malfunctions we fix per telephone advice with the customers.

For our customers we are looking for collaboration opportunities into the European market to use more efficient machines sold by us.

In our firm you can get professional and neutral technical support in choosing the best machine for you.

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